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About TeamTrack

TeamTrack is a powerful cloud-based team and technical event management system built for the audio-visual and event industries. Its wide range of features make it suitable for use in teams of 1 to 500+ people. TeamTrack manages team scheduling and logistics, freelancers and availability, production documents and call sheets, CDM and RAMS documentation, holiday and leave requests, skills and qualifications, expenses, mileage and much more! The system is modular, so you can choose which parts work for your business.

Our unique grid visual interface provides a huge amount of information, allowing you to instantly see how busy your team is, the status and type of each event and what events are going on or coming up. Easily browse through teams, use FocusMode to view one event in detail, view events still to be crewed with our Matrix view or see key event information by hovering over any shift.

TeamTrack will help you track the hours your teams work, how you pay them and any holiday and sickness they may take. TeamTrack is multi-site, multi-department and multi-brand ready. Create, manage, update and review events and shift information quicker, co-ordinate crew and logistics more effectively and put the full event schedule in everyone’s pocket using our iOS and Android apps.

Event Planner

The Event Planner, and Installation Planner, modules are designed to make planning and crewing events quicker and easier. Simply enter the days and times of the event, the roles required and then pick the team members or freelancers based on relevant skills and availability. Project managers can set bespoke schedules, setup preferred people for each role and flexibly crew any event. The Event Planner now also includes full TeamTrack vehicle integration and optional hire system integration.

Mobile Apps & Calendar Feeds

Team members and freelancers have access to TeamTrack via the TeamTrack app, available for iOS and Android, plus their own calendar feeds. Each feed includes event details, team information, shift timings as well as other useful information such as venue information, transport and event timings. The calendar feeds use the iCal standard, compatible with many mobile and desktop calendar applications including Google Calendar. Team members can also sync their Microsoft 365 calendar with TeamTrack.

CDM / RAMS Documentation

The TeamTrack CDM module greatly reduces the time it takes to generate construction phase plans, method statements and risk assessments for each event. Make use of presets for each event type or commonly used venue to standardise and improve the quality of your CDM documents. Select risk assessments by category and create presets to quickly select only relevant risk assessments for your event.


Use FocusMode and FocusMode Search to focus in on a particular event to manage the whole event team together. FocusMode temporarily removes anyone not on the event from your grid view and highlights only the relevant shifts for that event.

Employee Welfare

Concerned about team welfare? The TeamTrack grid will highlight short breaks between shifts and long working hours. TeamTrack also tracks working hours as part of the working time directive legislation and allows users to opt-out of the 48-hour working week.

HR Management

Struggling to manage a growing team or looking to replace an old Google Sheets, Excel or paper-based system? TeamTrack stores key information about your team, including contact details, skills, qualifications, working hours, holiday and other leave allocations and resources. Easily track hours worked, holidays taken and any sickness they may have had within the context of the rest of their work.

Vehicle Scheduling

TeamTrack makes it easy to manage and schedule vehicles. Make use of vehicle information including type, size, payload, passenger numbers, insurance details, MOT and service dates, fuel type, mileage costs and maintenance records. Add a vehicle to an event as easily as a team member.


TeamTrack’s venue database stores information about the venues you use such as location, venue contact, food availability, dress code, site rules and welfare information. These details can be used in production documents to save inputting time or in the additional CDM module.

User Access Control

TeamTrack uses role based access control with fine-grained user access controls to specific features. Access to each feature can be overridden on an individual user basis.

TeamTrack is a monthly subscription service based on the number of team members (users) you have and the modules that you use. A user is any team member that either uses the system to plan events for others, or is added to events, working time or non-working days.

Dynamic and Flexible Freelancer Billing
Freelancer billing is flexible, so you are only charged for a freelancer when they are added on events in the month being billed. You don’t pay anything for just sending freelancers availability requests or updating their information.

There is no minimum signup period.

TeamTrack Subscription Calculator

Use the sliders below to get the monthly cost of TeamTrack for your business. *

Team Members

Select the number of people in your team.


Select the maximum number of freelancers you use each month.

Note: This is not the total number of freelancers in your database, but the maximum number you would use in any given month.

Total Cost
£35.00 per month

* Price does not include additional premium modules, such as the CDM Module. Pricing for additional modules is available on request.